Animal Career Secrets: Field Researchers Needed in Pakke Tiger Reserve

This came across my desk recently. For those of you seeking an animal career, you might read the qualifications to get an idea of what is needed if you were interested in this position. Please contact them only if you meet the qualifications.

Two field researchers are required for a year long study on “Seed
dispersal and regeneration of hornbill dispersed tree species in the
Eastern Himalayas.” This research is a continuation of an ongoing
study in Pakke Tiger Reserve and adjoining Reserve Forests. The focus of the research is on the consequences of anthropogenic disturbance (primarily hunting and logging) on hornbill densities and the recruitment of their food plants and encompasses bird surveys (of hornbills and other frugivorousspecies), focal tree watches and vegetation assessments.

The project will be initiated in August/September 2007 (time frame
negotiable) and will continue for a period of one year with the
possibility of a six month extension. A monthly stipend equivalent to
JRF/SRF scales of UGC as found applicable will be paid for the duration
of the study. In addition, field costs will be covered.

Candidates should possess a Master’s degree in Wildlife
biology/Ecology/ Zoology or a related field of biology and be willing to
work in extremely demanding field conditions. Prior field experience in
bird identification (particularly Himalayan species) and field
techniques is highly desirable.

Qualified candidates may P. Sethi (psethi *at*
Pia Sethi
Doctoral candidate
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Illinois at Chicago
845 W. Taylor Street (M/C 066)
Chicago, IL-60607

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