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StopLik Pet Product

In my career I have refrained from the use of any type of shock on an animal. I’ve tested collars and had my hand go numb for a half an hour on a low setting and have always found other ways to address behavior problems.

For lick granuloma I have used elizabethan collars. Today there are soft collars as well.

However, the StopLik product caught my interest because of the complications some dogs have after surgery.

StopLik was designed to help dogs recover from lick granuloma, surgery, and wound recovery.

Available only through Veterinarians, StopLik gets wrapped over the bandaged area to protect the treated area (or wound) but is also used to prevent the licking of surgical sutures and  to prevent the removal of IVs, catheters, and Seton drains.

The battery operated product delivers a mild current to the dog’s tongue if licked.

I’d be interested in testing this product to see just how strong it is because I have my doubts. However, I am still looking for a good alternative to deal with the after veterinary procedure issues that surface.

Healing would be expedited if the dog patient can be deterred from licking or removing stitches and drains.

Those dogs who severly injure themselves through chewing and licking might also be candidates.

Fortunately, this product is only available through veterinary clinics but you can learn more at the StopLik website.

Los Angeles Spay & Neuter Programs

Clinico Inc and Fix Nation Inc have both been selected to administer grant funding provided by PetSmart Charities to provide low-cost spay and neuter services for dogs and cats throughout the Los Angeles area.

The Spay Lost Angeles Initiative is a five year grant with the goal to develop and operate eight high volume clinics for cats in dogs in the Los Angeles area and to sterilize as many as 720,000 pets for low income residents.

You might have read about the new Los Angeles Spay & Neuter law went into effect on October 1, 2008. It requires all cats and dogs in Los Angeles to be spayed or neutered after the age of four months.

Although there are some exceptions, those who do not comply will face civil and criminal penalties.

How do you feel about this legislation and would you welcome it or fight it in your area?