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Big Cat Jumps

I thought this video might be of interest to you

Also, I found this citation but have no idea who the person is who has quoted the distances. Still looking for sources I can verify. According to Maxine Anbabell, there have been instances recorded of tigers leaping widths of as much as twenty feet, with one tiger seen to leap thirty feet.

Lucky Leap Theory…Part Two

So, by now you probably heard that the moat and the wall at the San Francisco Zoo’s Tiger Grotto was substandard.

How can that happen? Easy, same way the Lion House was a safety hazard–the place is old.

One of the jokes that used to be made at one private zoo and animal acting facility I worked for was that if you distracted the inspector enough, you could get away with most anything.

Sometimes they didn’t really know the standards, either. Unless you measured you wouldn’t know.

Reminds me of those lions who had to be locked up when the dirt flowed down to one end of the enclosure–just enough motivation and they would have got out.

Tatiana had the motivation and did.

So, I am guessing it really was a lucky leap–and can’t wait to hear the statements from the two hospitalized victims.

SF Zoo Tiger Grotto Wall Fails to Meet Stated Recommendations